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Meet DORA’s Research Team

Derek DeBellis

Derek Debellis Derek DeBellis is a quantitative researcher at Google. At Google, Derek focuses on survey research, logs analysis, and figuring out ways to measure concepts central to product development. Derek has recently published on Human-AI interaction, the impact of COVID-19’s onset on smoking cessation, designing for NLP errors, and the role of UX in privacy discussions.

Kim Castillo

Kim Castillo Kim Castillo is a UXR program manager at Google and drives the cross-functional effort behind the Accelerate State of DevOps Report. Kim likewise supports developer experience UX research in Google Cloud. The DORA program combines Kim’s passion for research, software delivery practice, and coaching. Prior to Google, Kim worked as a delivery lead/technical program manager for several backend service teams, and as an agile development practices coach.

Michelle Irvine

Michelle Irvine Michelle Irvine is a technical writer at Google. She has been part of the DORA project since 2020, and leads research into the impact and production of technical documentation. Before Google, Michelle worked in educational publishing and as a technical writer for physics simulation software. Michelle has a BSc in Physics, and a MA in Rhetoric and Communication Design from the University of Waterloo.

Meet the DORA Collective

The collective includes current and former leaders, researchers, authors, and subject matter experts who have all made significant contributions to the research program.

Prior to 2018, The State of DevOps Report was published in partnership with Puppet.