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Software delivery and operational performance are critical to driving organizational success. At DORA, we’ve been at the forefront of research in this field for over a decade, providing data-driven insights that empower organizations to improve their technology practices.

DORA’s annual survey and research program is underway and we’d like to partner with you to bring our findings to the industry.

The 2024 DORA report, presented by Google Cloud, will provide critical insights into the evolving landscape of software development, with a focus on the impact of artificial intelligence, developer experience, and platform engineering on key outcomes like:

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The DORA Report’s influence continues to grow, with the 2023 report reaching tens of thousands of professionals and generating significant industry buzz. By joining us as a sponsor, you can leverage this momentum and position your company at the forefront of helping technology-driven organizations thrive.

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Beyond these tangible benefits, all potential sponsors are invited to join the vibrant DORA Community This community provides a platform for sharing experiences, learning from others, and collaborating on initiatives to improve software delivery and operations performance.

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