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DORA Research: 2023

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This page lists errors and corrections to the 2023 Accelerate State of DevOps Report. To track revisions, report PDFs are stamped with a version number. The initial version of the 2023 report was v.2023-10. The latest version is v.2023-12.

Errata in v.2023-12

p.23 “Continuous integrations” should be “continuous integration”

p.26 “Writing code clocks” should be “Writing code blocks”

p.26 “Optimising code” should use the American spelling: “Optimizing”

p.26 “Scaling” is misspelled as “Scailing”

p.30 Under “Resources to get started,” “significantly increase the quality of documentation” should be “significantly increases…”

p.32 “see jump in productivity” should be “see a jump in productivity”

p.54 “a well-established psychological phenomena” should be “a well-established psychological phenomenon”

p.64 “Continuous intergration” should be “continuous integration”

p.74 “Stack Overflow Developer’s survey” should be “Stack Overflow Developer Survey”

p.78 The “number of employees” chart is sorted by value. It should be sorted by label.

p.78 In the “number of employees” chart, the row labeled “1 to 4” should be labeled “1”

p.80 The graph label “% of time spend in office” should be “…spent in office”

p.83 The text describes a “solid black line” when in fact the lines are blue.

Errata in v.2023-10

p.1 On the cover, the Sleuth logo is cut off [Corrected in v.2023-12]

p.9 The Knowledge sharing stats are incorrect (Mean: 3.7; IQR: 1.7-5; Median: 7.9). They should be as follows: Mean: 6.4; IQR: 5.0-8.3; Median: 6.7 [Corrected in v.2023-12]

p.25 The footnote description of “Mediation” is unspecific and would benefit from an example. It should be changed to: “Mediation is a test that evaluates possible mechanisms or pathways underlying an effect. You can say, for example, ’the data supports the hypothesis that the effect of trunk-based development on software delivery performance occurs through continuous deployment (the mediator)’. Complete mediation is when the entire effect looks to be explained through the mediator. Partial mediation is when only some of the effect is explained through the mediator.” [Corrected in v.2023-12]

p.65 The description of Step 3 should read “Hypothesize about potential confounds” [Corrected in v.2023-12]

p.71 In the footnote, the link should have destination https://doi.org/10.1037/0022-3514.48.6.1467 but it is incorrectly linked to https://www.zenika.com. [Corrected in v.2023-12]

p.77 The word “coach” is misspelled as “couch” [Corrected in v.2023-12]

p.82 The word “construct” is misspelled as “contruct” [Corrected in v.2023-12]

p.87 The structural equation model for Chapter 5 contains an element: “organizational performance.” This element should read “operational performance.” [Corrected in v.2023-12]

p.90 The heading should read “Chapter 8’s models” (plural). [Corrected in v.2023-12]

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