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DORA Research: 2024


2024 DORA Survey - Shape the future of tech

The survey is now open! Take a moment to reflect on your work, and share your experience to enrich this year’s research. Most participants are able to complete the survey in about 15 minutes.

What’s new for 2024?

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Last year we asked the importance of AI in your daily work. This year we are expanding our inquiry in this area to better understand how AI is changing your work and the impact of those changes. How is AI impacting organizational performance?
  • Platform Engineering - We want to better understand how your organization is approaching platform engineering. Platform engineering may include both technologies and teams. How does platform engineering impact software delivery performance?
  • Developer Experience - We want to learn more about your overall experience as you work to deliver for your customers. How does your experience impact the value you’re able to deliver?
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